DASGIP® Benchtop Bioreactors for Cell Culture

Image – DASGIP Benchtop Bioreactors for Cell Culture with medium
Image – DASGIP Benchtop Bioreactors for Cell Culture with medium

Industry standard design and comprehensive control options are prerequisite for establishing scalable processes. Eppendorf's autoclavable DASGIP Benchtop Bioreactors offer highest flexibility regarding instrumentation and setup. More information

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Product Information

DASGIP Benchtop Bioreactors feature an autoclavable glass body and a stainless steel head plate. 16 industry-standard ports, direct overhead drives and pitched-blade impellers ensure optimal conditions for advanced cell culture research and process development. All parts are laser-labelled with part numbers and have certificates of origin available.


  • Working volumes of 750 mL – 2.7 L and 850 mL – 3.8 L
  • Direct overhead drives with 30 – 1,250 rpm (100 – 1,600 rpm optional), pitched-blade impellers
  • Industry-standard sensors available for precise monitoring and control of temperature, pH, DO, level, and OD


  • Cell culture research and process development
  • Parallel bench scale cultivation of mammalian, insect and human cell lines
 2.5 L3.5 L
ApplicationCell cultureCell culture
Standard set-upBenchtop (DASGIP)Benchtop (DASGIP)
Dimensions (W × D × H)190 × 190 × 580 mm190 × 190 × 660 mm
Working volume (total)750 mL – 2.7 L (3.1 L)850 mL – 3.8 L (4.3 L)
Material vessel1GlassGlass
Head plateStainless steelStainless steel
Head plate ports1x M30, 8x M18x1.5, 8x D61x M30, 8x M18x1.5, 8x D6
DriveDirect overhead driveDirect overhead drive
Impellers2x pitched-blade2x pitched-blade
Recommended agitation speed30 – 1,250 rpm30 – 1,250 rpm
Gas supplyOverlay and/or spargerOverlay and/or sparger
Monitoring and Control  
Sensor length220 mm320 mm
Temperature sensorPt100 RTDPt100 RTD
Exhaust condensationWater-cooledWater-cooled
1PC = Polycarbonate, PS = Polystyrene