DASGIP® Peltier Exhaust Condensers

Image – DASbox Exhaust Condenser
Image – DASbox Exhaust Condenser

Eppendorf's innovative Peltier-based exhaust cooling technology effectively recovers vapor from exhaust tubes and thereby minimizes volume losses. Due to the liquid–free operation users benefit from most easy handling. More information

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Product Information

Our innovative Peltier Exhaust Condenser offers highly effective condensation - without the need for a cooling agent or chiller. Volume loss due to evaporation is thereby minimized and blocking of exhaust filter prevented. The condenser's automatic slide in activation and slide out deactivation mode satisfies users with its easy handling.
The Peltier-based exhaust condenser was designed for use with the Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor System and is ready-to-use with both autoclavable (DASbox Mini Bioreactor) and single-use vessels (BioBLU 0.3). The DASGIP EGC4 module makes this technology available as well for use with our larger BioBLU Single-Use Vessels.


  • Liquid-free exhaust condensation through Peltier-based cooling
  • Highly effective condensation minimizes volume loss caused by evaporation
  • Prevents blocking of exhaust filter
  • Automatic activation/deactivation with proximity sensor
  • Automatic and manual de-icing functionality
  • Suitable for single-use vessels BioBLU 0.3c, 0.3f, 1c, 1f, 3c, 5c, and 5p


  • Cell culture and fermentation in mini scale using the Eppendorf DASbox
  • Small and bench scale applications with BioBLU Single-Use Vessels

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