MagSep Reagent Kits

MagSep Reagent Kits
MagSep Reagent Kits

Eppendorf MagSep reagent kits for automated nucleic acid purification of 1 to 24 samples – free-up your time for scientific work More information

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Product Information

MagSep reagent kits are used with the epMotion® 5073m and 5075m to automatically purify nucleic acids from biological samples. Magnetic beads, Proteinase K and all other reagents are pre-prepared in special trays for the epMotion for 4 sets of 24 purifications. MagSep reagents deliver highly purified nucleic acids with very high yields. The special Prep assistant software, combined with the epMotion 5073m or 5075m, offers simple, step-by-step guided operation through automatic nucleic acid purification for everyday use.

The ready to use reagents come in special trays for 1–24 preparations. Just open the vessels, place the tray on the worktable and epMotion will do all the pipetting. If less than 24 samples are run, the tray can be stored for later use. Benefit from minimal hands-on time with ready to use reagents, special epMotion reagent tray, and easy software assistants. Get superior yield and purity versus manual or other automation methods by optimized chemistry and 3D-MagSep technology with the epMotion (typical ration A260/280 is 1.8 to 1.9) which guarantees reliable and reproducible results in various downstream applications, like genotyping, sequencing, real-time PCR, other enzymatic, or chemical reactions.

T7 DNA phage was spiked into plasma and the DNA was purified using different manual kits and the Eppendorf MagSep Viral DNA/RNA Kit on the epMotion M5073. The recovery efficiency of the individual methods was assessed by qPCR, each bar represents the average Cp value and SD for 6 replicates.
Download Application Note 269 for details

MagSep Reagent Kits

Gel analysis of 24 mouse tail samples purified with MagSep gDNA tissue kit; typical yield 10 µg high molecular weight DNA out of 10-mg tissue; 7.5 µL of 75 µL loaded on gel.
Download Application Note 267 for details

MagSep Reagent Kits

Typical yield of 9 µg gDNA from 200 µL of blood purified via MagSep gDNA blood kit versus manual process of purification (n=3).
Download Application Note 268 for details

MagSep Reagent Kits


  • Higher yields compared to manual purifications
  • High nucleic acid purity, suitable for PCR or other enzymatic reactions
  • Automatic recognition of kit type and remaining sample quantity
  • Variable use for 1 to 24 samples per tray (interim storage at 4 °C)
  • Minimal preparation time due to special trays
  • Eluation in DNA LoBind vessels (supplied)
  • Storage at room temperature


  • Genomic DNA from tissue and cell culture or bacteria - MagSep Tissue gDNA kit
  • Genomic DNA from 200 µL whole blood - MagSep Blood gDNA kit
  • Viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma or other cell-free body fluids - MagSep viral DNA/RNA kit

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